Facilities & Technologies

In the fascinating city of Dubai; Al Shorouq private school was established around thirty five years ago and it rapidly took its place in the fabric of UAE society with all of its authenticity, nobility, modernity, diversity, tolerance, love for learning and knowledge and its endeavour towards the stars.
Today, after three decades and a half Al Shorouq School has become the address for many parents who look forward to enrolling their kids in an Arab school that is committed to
bringing up an educated generation who looks forward towards innovative education for a knowledge, pioneering, and global society.
Al Shorouq school is located in the heart of the city of dubai and its spacious building is divided into three sections: one for the girls, another for the boys and a third one for the KG students.

Hundreds of passionate students are registered in each of those sections with tens of teachers and administrators who spare no efforts to back and help them progress and develop academically and socially.
The school is provided with all the required and necessary facilities which adheres to the requirements of the teaching and learning process such as:
* A spacious magnificently decorated library rich in different kinds of well-chosen books       along with paper and digital learning resources.

* Full- equipped laboratories to support the learning process and carrying out the scientific experiments in the different science subjects.

* A comprehensive section for the SEN students supervised by expert special education teachers who work hard to achieve the proper inclusion for those students.