School in Brief

Al Shorouq School
Each of his name has a share, and the school "Al-Shorouq" received an abundant share of this name, as it shone among the scientific castles spreading the types of knowledge and flowers on the face of the homeland, which has spared no effort in caring for science and scholars.
Since the establishment of Al-Shorouq School in 1986 AD, its mission and the best plant has grown in the best planting through its movement between different neighborhoods whenever its fragrance smells from place to place.
When she asks about the success of an institution that lasts for thirty-four years, a list does its best, and the number of its children grows every year.  So ask about those few minded leaders who believe in the continuous development and not to stagnate or prevent themselves from civilization.
These minds have taken measures and ways to put them in the ranks of major educational institutions.  Her children opened up on the World Wide Web to take advantage of her help near the eyes of books and paper sources that the developed library celebrates.
Al-Shorouk school has been keen to include a group of teachers of different subjects who enjoy a high level in their sciences, and they use honesty and truth as a standard to deliver a complete message to their children.
We have found, as a result of these policies, that the children of Al-Shorouk School have distinguished themselves in their learning, and among them - for several years - among them were the first at the state level, and the school is keen on spreading the original values ​​adopted by the Ministry of Education emanating from the values ​​and originality of Emirati society.
Consequently, the school performed its mission best in serving the community, implementing its vision, and communicating its message to the world. It was not isolated from the growing world in its development, but was an effective factor in that development over the years.  That mission of each institution sanctifies the role assigned to it.