School Uniform
 According to the list of behavior circulated to all students in all grades, and further to the guardian’s contract signed by you at the beginning of the school year that requires compliance with all internal school policies, all students are required to adhere to the school uniform, and it is strictly forbidden to wear another dress during school hours,  This obligation also includes school trips.
 We would like to remind you of the parts of the school uniform, as shown below:
 1. Approved school uniform for girls
 2. Approved school uniform for boys
 3. Black, white or navy shoes
 4. Black / Navy / Gray Jacket (Note: Without interfering with any other color) (Optional)
 5. White color for socks
 6. It is forbidden to wear accessories and hats inside the school
 7. Female students are allowed only a small earring
 8. It is prohibited to color hair, nails and hair styles that are contrary to customs and traditions in the United Arab Emirates
 9. Prevents makeup
 10. It is prohibited to wear colored contact lenses
 11. It is forbidden to lengthen nails and nail polish for all students
 12. Sports uniforms approved by the school. Sports uniforms are forbidden during normal days.  Sports uniforms are worn only during sports class days as shown in the class schedule
 Note: Only school uniforms are permitted during trips.  Any other garment is strictly prohibited.
 Please note that in the event of a violation of the obligation to the school uniform, the necessary measures will be taken in accordance with the established code of conduct.
 Therefore, the school administration expects your full cooperation and confirmation of your children's commitment to wearing school uniforms every day.
 Clothes are delivered at Al Hana Center in Al Jafiliya, from Emirates Industry stores. For contact and inquiries, please call 043989007. The school also provides
 (Jackets for students) Please adhere to them at Al Hana Best Life Trading Center.
To communicate
and for inquiries, please call 045986968